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January 5, 2016 - We're so pleased to share that effective this week, the CVC is now formally operating as a program offering of Leadership Montgomery! Please pardon our dust as we work to bring our technologies together.

For more information, contact Sarah Burnett at or 301-881-3333.


When businesses work together with the community, everyone benefits. Volunteering is a key way that businesses can support the community. When you have strong communities, they have the resources to support business.  Through your volunteerism initiatives, your company, employees, and community all see increased value. The business benefits of volunteering are long term and multi-level. They include:

Company Benefits

  • Builds brand awareness and enhances company image within the community.
  • Connects a company mission and commitment to the community, client and employee.
  • Creates trust and loyalty among consumers and shareholders.
  • Supports employee loyalty, creates teambuilding opportunities, cross department and management interaction, and reduces turnover.
  • Increases employee job satisfaction and morale, respect for company, service and community.

Community Benefits

  • Provides skilled and talented volunteer resources.
  • Access to business leaders their skills and knowledge.
  • Lowers community service organizations operational costs.
  • Creates meaningful and measurable social impact.
  • Helps bring community needs into focus.
  • Allows for expansion and sustainability of programs.





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