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January 5, 2016 - We're so pleased to share that effective this week, the CVC is now formally operating as a program offering of Leadership Montgomery! Please pardon our dust as we work to bring our technologies together.

For more information, contact Sarah Burnett at or 301-881-3333.

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  • 05 Jan 2017 9:00 AM | Sarah Burnett (Administrator)

    Dear Members, Partners & Friends,

    Looking Back, Moving Forward

    For 30 years, the Corporate Volunteer Council of Montgomery County has been educating businesses on how to partner with and support non-profit organizations here in Montgomery County. We’ve helped create successful employee volunteer programs that have positively impacted businesses, employees, and our local community. We’ve helped to organize countless volunteer programs and we’ve shared vital information and education to advance the service component of hundreds of businesses in Montgomery County. And perhaps the thing I’m most proud of is that we’ve increased corporate volunteer participation and opportunities among Montgomery County businesses.

    With all of those successes and all of those achievements, I know we can do more and be of even greater value to Montgomery County. And that’s why over the last several months, along with my amazing Board, I’ve undertaken a strategic review of the CVC to determine the best ways in which we can continue our valuable service to the county, but also evolve with the county’s changing needs.

    With that review completed, I’m pleased to share that effective this week, the CVC is now formally operating as a program offering of Leadership Montgomery.

    Building a Stronger Future

    As with most integrations, we feel we can do more together than we can on our own. It’s a feeling that I share with the Boards of both organizations and C. Marie Taylor, President and CEO of Leadership Montgomery. That’s largely because of our complementary missions. Leadership Montgomery has for years done an effective job of bringing the public, private, and nonprofit sectors together to build relationships and learn deeply about county needs and challenges. With the integration of the CVC, Leadership Montgomery will further enhance our ability to serve new and established leaders in this county while providing added opportunities for community service and volunteerism in leadership. We know, even from our early opportunities to align with Leadership Montgomery over the years, that these broader experiences have a direct benefit on all those who live and work in our community.

    What’s Changing and What’s Staying the Same?

    The Same:

    • Individuals and businesses can engage with the CVC programming just as they have done in the past.
    • There will be no immediate adjustments to the offerings that have historically been made available by the CVC to the business community.
    • CVC memberships are honored through June 30, 2017, which is the end of the current membership cycle. At that point, memberships can be renewed or started new.
    • There will be no change in fees until at least June 30, 2017, when the new cycle for membership/partner fees will go into effect along with a refreshed slate of member and partner benefits.
    • The day-to-day executive leadership of Leadership Montgomery remains the same with C. Marie Taylor serving as President and CEO.


    • The Corporate Volunteer Council of Montgomery County will become a program offered by Leadership Montgomery.
    • I have joined the staff of Leadership Montgomery as Director, Corporate Engagement Programs.
    • The new contact information for the CVC is:

    5910 Executive Boulevard, Suite 200
    Rockville, MD 20852

    • The Board of Leadership Montgomery has been expanded to include four current CVC-MC Board members for a one-year term with the option to renew twice for two-year terms.
    • Current CVC members will be recognized as either Leadership Montgomery partners or members based on the level of financial commitment. Similarly, current CVC partners will be recognized by a new name Leadership Montgomery Nonprofit Partners.
    • In all cases, businesses will receive the same CVC relationship benefits as they do today at the same cost, plus:
      • 1 free ad for businesses in Leadership Montgomery’s eNews (which reaches 8,000 local leaders).
      • Exclusive invitation to Leadership Montgomery “Behind the Scenes” events.
      • Free admission to educational events such as: CEO lunches, Leadership Montgomery town halls and networking events, and Breakfast Business Academies.
      • Discounted admission to special events such as: Conversations on Leadership, Professional Development Workshops, Delegation Reception, and Celebration of Leadership.

    As we transfer our programming into Leadership Montgomery and strengthen the delivery of our collective offering, I hope you’ll continue to be an invested and engaged part of what the CVC has become and will be in the future.

    Wishing you a wonderful and healthful New Year.

    Yours in service,

    Sarah Burnett

    Director, Corporate Engagement Programs

    Leadership Montgomery

  • 03 Oct 2016 12:54 PM | Sarah Burnett (Administrator)

    For 30 years, Montgomery County has been home to Community Service Day and, not too long ago, expanded to Community Service Week (CSW). This year, we will celebrate with service projects all across the County October 16-23, 2016. 

    Many of our nonprofit partner organizations take this opportunity to get big projects done and connect with new volunteers. From preparing food for local food shelters to hosting coat drives, from yard clean ups to planting for the fall season, from 5k runs to assembling care packages for families in need, there are many opportunities businesses can get involved. You can search the opportunities that the Montgomery County Volunteer Center has collected from local organizations here.

    You can also participate in one or both of the CSW projects the CVC has planned to benefit The Arc Montgomery County:

    However you serve this Community Service Week, let us know! We love to tell the stories of how our members are giving back to the community!

  • 28 Sep 2016 4:52 PM | Sarah Burnett (Administrator)

    See the invitation from Nonprofit Montgomery's Montgomery Moving Forward initiative:

    Community Symposium
    Early Care and Education in Montgomery County:
    The Economic Imperative


    Thursday, November 17, 20168-10:30am
    Discovery Communications, Silver Spring, MD


    Research shows that investments in Early Care and Education are linked to strong economies, fueling improvements in school readiness and the achievement gap, decreased poverty and increased lifetime earnings, and the growth of a skilled, vibrant workforce.  

    Join business, philanthropy, nonprofit, government, education and community leaders for a discussion of the future of Early Care and Education in Montgomery County. What do industry leaders, experts and researchers have to teach us about the path forward? What’s working here and what’s missing? What can we learn from other communities to accelerate progress?


    Keynote Speaker: Mike Chesser
    Chairman Emeritus and Former CEO, Great Plains Energy and
    Member, ReadyNation CEO Task Force on Early Childhood Education


    Jack Smith, Superintendent, Montgomery County Public Schools
    Jennifer Lockwood-Shabat, President and CEO, Washington Area Women’s Foundation
    Miriam Calderon, Senior Director Early Learning, Bainum Family Foundation; Senior Fellow, BUILD Initiative
    Sara Watson, Global Director, ReadyNation

     Senator Nancy King, Maryland State Senate, District 39
    Councilmember Nancy Navarro, Montgomery County Council, District 4

    Councilmember Hans Riemer, Montgomery County Council, At-Large


    Join us as we imagine the future of early care and education in Montgomery County.
    RSVP today. 

  • 21 Sep 2016 11:52 AM | Sarah Burnett (Administrator)

    Last week I had the pleasure of visiting one the sites of our upcoming Community Service Week (CSW) projects: the Karasik Family, Infant & Child Care Center (KFICCC), operated by The Arc Montgomery County. What I found there was inspiring! 

    At KFICCC each classroom is inclusive. This means that children of all abilities learn and play along side one another and learn from one another. Classrooms are divided so each child is placed on individual needs, rather than strictly on chronological age and integrates typically-developing children, children with developmental disabilities and children with chronic medical conditions. In each room I also met staff that can the needs of all children in that class including pediatric registered nurses and trained child care providers. 

    Of course, like many nonprofit organizations, there's never quite enough resources to do everything they want to do and "nice-to-haves" get put off year after year. That's why I'm so excited the the the CVC, with the generous support of Whiteford, Taylor, & Preston and Leadership Montgomery, will bring volunteers to KFICCC to help refresh the classrooms a bit. 

    Join us on October 22nd to put a fresh coat of paint on the sink and shelving areas of each classroom to brighten it up! We're also seeking 10 curtain panels to replace the tattered ones currently hanging in the KFICCC indoor play space. (Let me know if you'd like to help with that!)

    Check out photos of the space from my walk-through of KFICCC on Facebook.

    We are also supporting The Arc during CSW with outdoor clean ups at several of the supportive residences they operate in Montgomery County on Friday, October 21st. Learn more and register to volunteer here.

    Whether you volunteer with the CVC or develop your own project, I hope to hear about how you volunteer during Community Service Week, October 16-23, 2016!

  • 15 Aug 2016 2:40 PM | Sarah Burnett (Administrator)

    Guest post from volunteer Mike Mulleavey

    Interfaith Works Family Services director Monica Barberis-Young is leading a team of volunteers into the space where she sees a bright new future; a large open area that was once a series of small elementary school classrooms. Soon it will be an energetic arrangement bringing education and opportunity to a new group; young and old alike. By offering a larger, more accessible facility the Interfaith Clothing Center (ICC) intends to better serve its clients.

    Interfaith Clothing Center has been operational for 43 years. Beginning with a small group’s vision to assist those less fortunate in the Boyd’s community, the organization has grown to include Montgomery County. While known for its exceptional wealth, our county has its share of need as well. Organizations such as ICC are helping address the issue.

    As the group of adult volunteers from several local businesses assemble in the ICC’s Twinbrook Parkway location, a group of local high school students pass by. Their bright and optimistic faces inspire as they make their way to stuff backpacks for elementary school children to use in the coming school year. It seems most appropriate that a former school building is where students volunteering in the community come to help less fortunate students.

    A store-like environment along with offices for counseling and education is growing from the long closed school complex. It’s a fine example of county government working with a non-profit organization to serve citizens with basic needs. The ICC lifts those in need to independence and to solvency.

    It all goes to bettering the community. So much so that local homeowners opted to keep the ICC in the former school building rather than raze the building. The location with local bus service passing by the front door, and the facility layout with a large parking lot accommodates donors, volunteers and the Center’s clients.

    In-kind services are an assist that is sorely needed. Calling architects, general contractors…would you and your employees be interested and available to help design or build a ramp to accommodate the baby strollers and wheelchairs needing access to the Center?

    If your business has an interest in volunteering for ICC or any non-profit organization, contact Sarah Burnett,

    The hours you donate will go a long way to building a better community.

  • 27 Jul 2016 5:35 PM | Anais Eslami

    The CVC hosted their Annual Membership Breakfast on July 14th -  an event filled with great people and organizations all working towards the same goal of bettering our community. Despite the sweltering heat, the event went off without a hitch. Smokey Glen Farm provided a delicious breakfast, and a short, but announcement-filled presentation followed. So what did we learn?

    1.    The opportunities to give back to the community are endless.
    • Keynote speaker, Jackie DeCarlo from Manna Food Center provided multiple ways to volunteer, including long term and one-off opportunities that you can read about here.
    2.    We’ll soon have a way to analyze and recognize Montgomery County’s socially responsible business culture!
    • Through a county grant, the CVC and The Fehlig Group have been working together to build a survey tool that will not only capture all of the good businesses are doing in our community, but provide a way to recognize those business as well.
    3.    The CVC’s Annual Luncheon will be here before we know it!

    This event was packed with great information and opportunities to make a difference. For more information on the announcements above, or on how to get more involved with the CVC feel free to contact myself ( or Sarah Burnett at (

  • 21 Jul 2016 3:56 PM | Will Schroeder

    Do you remember Spring? In this summer heat, have you or your company realized the professional goals that you set for 2016?  What seeds have you planted for harvest this Fall?

    I sat down to my desk today and found a note.  On the note, I had scrawled “Blossom.”  That was my idea for a title.  I was going to write about a CVC Service Project that I attended at Brookside Gardens in April.  I wanted the CVC members to read my blog and to blossom.  As you may have noticed, I changed my title.  I want CVC members to grow.

    At Brookside Gardens, I got a chance to sit in the grass and look at what was going on in our community.  If you don’t know, Brookside Gardens is an award-winning, publicly funded, botanical garden in Wheaton Regional Park.  The website is here:  Brookside Gardens has volunteer opportunities and service projects for school children, gardeners, and companies. 

    In April, Brookside Gardens opened its renovated upper parking area and visitor’s center with a grand celebration and the CVC participated in an opening day service project.  Various teams of CVC members got swept into the gala.  We planted all different kinds of plants around the parking lot with the aid of school children and Brookside Gardens’ knowledgeable docents.  Even though I was missing work, it was one of the best mornings I had in 2016.  I can go back and look at what I planted at Brookside Gardens with my daughter and my wife for years to come.  This is growth.

    The same is true for CVC membership.  Your company and your employees can celebrate community service with the CVC.  If you participate in a service project, you and your colleagues can work as a team for something more than just the bottom line of a general ledger.  By working together outside of the office, you and your employees bond and improve morale.  You can enjoy working together when you get back into the office and swap stories about your community involvement over the proverbial water cooler.  This is growth.

    At Brookside Gardens, there was a competitor of my company.  I shook my counterparts’ hand.  We talked a little shop standing over our shovels.  We learned a little bit more about our market.  We made connections with other business people at the Brookside Gardens service project.  Our team worked with their team and we posed in the CVC Group Photo.  We listened and smiled; we planted seeds.  This is growth.

    This year, I was really busy - like so many other businesses.  I missed the CVC Annual Summer Membership Breakfast at Smokey Glenn Farms.  The question I ask myself, when I think of CVC members talking over coffee, listening to each other’s stories, and hearing about Manna Food Center, is – did I grow my CVC membership by missing this CVC event?  Of course not.  I can pay an invoice; but if I do not plant seeds and invest in the Spring, then I will not grow.  I hope you and your company went to the CVC Membership Breakfast.  I hope you grow in 2016.


  • 05 Jul 2016 12:01 PM | Sarah Burnett (Administrator)

    Over the last several weeks, I've been approached by several of our nonprofit partners to discuss the relationship between corporate volunteers and the nonprofits they serve. While we are lucky in Montgomery County to have several organizations that are prepared to take on one-time or low-commitment volunteer groups, we know that deeper engagements provide more value to the nonprofit AND the employer. 

    With this in mind, our nonprofit partners are exploring ways they can offer meaningful volunteer experiences and educational opportunities that will allow businesses and employees to serve the organization and gain deeper insight into the community needs the nonprofit works to meet. They've reached out to the CVC to gain insight into the goals of the business community in regards to volunteer service.

    We are proud to share our experiences, but know that the real value will come from you, our members. Over the coming weeks, we'll be reaching out to CVC members and other businesses to join us for these conversations. If meaningful and high-impact employee volunteer experiences are important to you, please contact me so that I can be sure you're at the table!

  • 10 Jun 2016 11:20 AM | Anais Eslami

    The ideas, best practices and questions were flowing as 15 employees from 13 different Montgomery County-based companies gathered together for a round table discussion on Administering Employee Volunteer Programs (EVP). The June 8th breakfast and discussion was an opportunity to share experiences and learn from others on the challenges and rewards of administering EVPs.

    Unanimously, the biggest issue reported by the companies in attendance was generating engagement from employees. This led to an in-depth conversation around the fact that rewards and recognition can help alleviate that challenge. The group shared recognition-based ideas spanning from a basic company email or blog, to award ceremonies with valuable prizes.

    Other great ideas in implementing a successful employee volunteer program included:
    • Surveying your employees to see what they’re interested in. The more you know about their volunteer goals, the easier it is to cater to them.
    • Educating upper management on the program as management buy-in is paramount to ensuring employee engagement.
    • Setting volunteer goals, and tracking them to be able to reflect on your program.
    • Creating an internal committee to help implement and manage your volunteer program.

    Not sure how to implement your own EVP? Let the CVC help you along the journey. With proven, great resources in tow the Corporate Volunteer Council is ready to take your volunteer program to the next level. For more information or to get started, contact Sarah Burnett at

  • 26 Apr 2016 4:06 PM | Sarah Burnett (Administrator)

    The Governor's Office on Service & Volunteerism is now accepting nominations for the 2016 Governor's Service Awards. These awards recognize Maryland citizens for their significant volunteer contributions to the state and its people, and for working to change Maryland for the better. This year, the awards will represent outstanding service occurring in 2015 (or longer for the lifetime achievement award).

    Service must be performed outside of the context of the nominee's paid employment. Those who have been awarded since the 2011 Governor's Service Awards are ineligible for consideration.

    Submit your nomination by Wednesday, June 1, 2016.

    The 2016 Governor's Service Awards Categories:

    • Youth 
    • Individual 
    • Lifetime Achievement 
    • National Service 
    • AmeriCorps Alum 
    • Faith-Based 
    • Group/Team
    • Nonprofit Volunteer Program
    • Corporate/Business
    • Community of Service
    • Exemplary Service-Learning
    • State Employee
    • First Responder
    • Veteran
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